Release Dates

Why are there different release dates?

To enable the correct pronunciation of words and syllables, Read requires a specialised dictionary for each language and each dialect within a language. Each word must be analyzed into its syllables, graphemes and phonemes and encoded for sounding out. The accuracy of the synthesised pronunciation by each of the children's voices must also be verified for each word on its own and in the context of each sentence it appears in within the book. The text of each book must be encoded in each dialect to produce the best possible reading experience. And all of the illustrations are reformatted, resized and rearranged to fit the Read format. Each dialect requires many retail books, decodable readers and levelled readers at each reading level and the cooperation of multiple publishers. Unfortunately this all takes time and we must make sure that we can properly serve each dialect before we move on to the next.

Release Dates - English Dialects

  • Australia

    2024 (late)

  • United Kingdom

    2025 (late)

  • USA